Alan Sparling talks about the journey ASM Ireland took towards a greener way of working and receiving their Green for Micro accreditation.

“It all started with COVID lockdowns when we needed to look at innovative ways of staying in touch with our agents.    And that’s when the idea was formed to build a new website that would have both an Agent Hub and Chat Bot.  The Agent Hub would provide 24/7 access to all our client’s sales and marketing collateral while the Chat Bot offered an additional way of contacting us and getting answers quickly.   That was our first step to becoming a greener business.”


More recently, ASM-Ireland began looking again at other ways of becoming a more sustainable business.  That’s when Alan discovered their Local Enterprise Office had a programme specifically aimed at companies like ASM. And so, ASM-Ireland was accepted into the Green for Micro programme which provides mentoring on the steps needed to implement a green policy and become a sustainable business.


Jo-Ann Raleigh says, “Some of the steps taken might seem small, but for us, what is huge is the mindset change that now influences our day-to-day planning and workload. We now separate all office waste to ensure maximum recycling, lighting was replaced with LEDs, we’ve had the office insulated improving our R value, no plastic cups are used and when office bound, instead of picking up that morning coffee we now brew our own.”


Alan concluded, “If we all make just one small change, surely this has to help, so we decided to make it happen.”


“The Earth is a fine place and worth fighting for”

~ Ernest Hemingway