After an unseasonably warm summer for Ireland (and wasn’t that nice!), September roared in with a big uptake on business and events within the Irish travel industry.  And that’s meant the ASM-Ireland team have been non-stop busy hosting training around the country, plus attending and participating at supplier and agent events.

September began with ASM Ireland representing Caribtours on a fam trip to Barbados, and that was quickly followed by TPG agent events in Galway and Dundalk, plus a Caribtours Agent Dinner and a South African Tourism event.

Travel Partners Group Galway Event 14 Sep

Caribtours Agent Dinner 15 Sep

Travel Partners Group Dundalk Event 21 Sep

October is looking just as busy for us but equally it’s been wonderful seeing our agent community similarly busy.  It feels a lot like pre-pandemic times, and for that we are grateful.

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